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                      This car is considered to be the oldest car in the world; it was first owned by Jules FĂ©lix Philippe Albert de Dion pioneer of the automobile industry in France.  Actually, he was the one who requested for it to be built when he saw the products of Georges Bouton and Charles-Armand Trepardoux’s craftsmanship in making a model steam engine. He offered the two men 10 francs a day just to build a full-sized engine. A first, he process has undergone some problems such as, its belt drive and inconvenient rear-wheel steering, the liquid fuel was a little bit risky because it could easily catch fire, and its large vertical boiler looks like a coffee pot. But despite of these experienced hindrances, the vehicle was still successfully built up. It was claimed to be the first family car.

It was also used in car racing and exhibits. The following were just some of  the awards that it has received:

  • ·         Special Diplome d’Honneur in the Grand Exhibition at Grenoble, Switzerland in 1925

  • ·         1991 UK National Steam Heritage Premier Award for Restoration and Preservation, a double award at Pebble Beach in 1997
  • ·         U1 steam class and the Automobile Quarterly Historian’s Trophy
  • ·         Class winner of Pre-Century Steam Cars at Goodwood in 1999, and
  • ·          Honored at the 1996 Louis Vuitton Concours at the Royal Hurlingham Club in London in 1996
The 1884 De Dion Bouton Et Trepardoux Dos-A-Dos was not owned by only one family because it has been sold to other known people such as French army officer Henri Doriol, and Tim Moore, a British Veteran Car Club Member.
It was also called dos-a-dos because of its sitting capacity which is four people in pairs and back-to-back


And then Here Comes .  . . . . . .

latest car


2012 Audi R8

This  2012 Audi R8 is a newly released item from Hyundai is one of the best ranked exotic cars in the market actually, it obtained he 3rd rank. It was next to 2012 Ferrari FF, and the top ranking was the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador. There have been a lot of reviews regarding these Exotic Cars. They love the R8 because of its very impressive performance and aggressive styling aside from that, it's end to others is that, it is also comfortable. With the Audi R8 you could experience the combination of Sports car amusement and smooth everyday driving. It also comes in three flavors, buyers can choose between a 430-horsepower V8, a 525-horsepower V10 or the new R8 GT, which features a 560-horsepower V10 as well as a sportier suspension. This Audi R8 is a powerful yet affordable alternative if you would want to be gripping that GT.

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