10 Guidelines on SAFE Driving for Teenagers

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Vehicular accident is outrageously inflating these days, and unfortunately, teenagers are also concerned.Almost 3,000 people were killed in distracted driving crashes because of texting and cell phone use behind the wheel. Almost 35% of the causes of death for teens is through vehicular accident. They are involved in three times as many fatal crashes as all other drivers. Lack of proper training all together with over speeding, drunk driving, driving without using seat belts, using cell phone, listening to loud music, drowsy driving, nighttime driving are the common reasons for the accidents. Sometimes, they also use drugs that merely worsen this problem.

Of course we don't want these exotic cars to get into such destructive accidents, so here are some tips for the drivers specially the teen ones to avoid such crashes:
  • Enroll in a Driving school first. 
  • Always wear your seat belt.s
  •  Obey the speed limits, going too fast gives you less time to stop or react. 32 percent of fatal crashes were caused by excess speeding and one of the main causes of teenage accidents.   
  • Lessen the Radio's sounds. It might cause not hearing a warning siren/horn from possible trouble.   
  • If you're needing for a call, pull over to a safe park or spot. 
  • Don't put on make-up, comb your hair, or eat while driving. You may not get prepared if a certain problem occurs. 
  • If you're driving a Motorcycle, ALWAYS WEAR your Helmet.
  • When the Road is Slippery,better take it Slower.
  • Relax while you drive
  • Don't come up racing with reckless drivers.
man driving while eatingaccident caused by texting
having make up while driving

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